Sunday, April 5, 2009


oh my god chemistry is now worse then my mum haha OH MY GOD!!! i cant stand it anymore especially the atomic structure thing oh much for it being a indepedent learning module haiz...but other then that things r going ok i guess..i went for consultations with my tan n well not a shock but i did super badly in my test on MOLES!!! hey ppl out there pls help me like bryan manage to tutor me n now i understand moles better then last time so ya..thanks bryan!!

and ya my practicals is still super bad so i hope i will be able to gain confidence n do my practicals well...also i think the assignments r all getting to my head so other then that chem has stiilll been my love n i hope it wont die!!!haha

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fundamental test

Chemistry O level recap

oh man we had to go back to school at 8 just to do a fundamental test in chem on the 23 march and not bad lah the test was ok but i am worried for the results..talking about tests we got a test on moles on 30 march..i am so worried for it i hope i can score well so fingers crossed...i wonder how i am going to fare for all the upcoming test..chem is getting tough man!!!!!!but i am not giving up cos........ WHEN IT GETS TOUGH THE TOUGH GETS GOING:)


Term 2 onwards no more miss, its now mr...

oh ya so from term two onwards MR TAN has been taking the class and n teaching us chemistry...he is new n i think he is not bad..whenever i ask him a question he is able to answer me well and i am able to understand what he has explained...he started a new topic atomic structure with us... and because it is a independent learning module we have to get info on our own... so when he teaches us, those who dont have notes have no idea wat he's saying haha!!but oh well i still can cope so ya i think other then tat i think he's good and he should speak a little louder..thats all

Teacher (MISS BEGUM)


HAHA as my title says it all.. i really wanna be A teacher..either a science or maths teacher..either one lah,..i dunno why but i belive i really have the passion for teaching and i too want to aspire other students just like how my teachers aspired me and made a difference in my life!!!!!! i know it would not be easy but i am up for the challenge.. i also know i would be badly cursed for all students will hate their teacher in one way or another but i can bear it..the funny thing is i will already know how a student will react to my action as i have been a student before so i think its super cool haha..

qualifications i am not so sure still looking up for if u guys know more perhaps u all can let me knoww...thanks haha ok so thats all for my future me..i wanna enjoy my now me then focus on my future me hah ok talking crap so sighning off bye bye!!!!!!!

The Future Shabnam

I dont know why i want to be a air stewardess but i find this job really interesting and i wanna give it a try too...

The job of the air stewardess and steward is mainly to look after the welfare, comfort and safety of the passengers.
During the flight, they have to serve the passengers with meals and drinks.
Usually, individual airlines recruit and train their own air cabin crew members. Many of the trainings can be quite intensive and demanding.

Personality-wise, airlines look for potential crew members who are presentable-looking, polite and tactful. Air cabin members must also possess good stamina and be approachable.
Very commonly, an air stewardess or steward is expected to be physically attractive and have a pleasant and friendly disposition.i am not so sure if i have the looks but i am sure i have the personality haha...
Certain airlines also have minimum height requirements for their air stewardess and steward so i hope i make the cut...

Dancer or Dance choreographer...
i want to be a dancer because i have a huge passion for dance and i really want to develop it..i believe i do have the qualities to be a dancer n i want to make use of the many oppurtunities i have to showcase my talent n perform in front of alot of of my dreams is to perform in a movie by dancing in a wedding scene i dunno how long that will take to come true but i will go for it..

  • passion for dance
  • must know at least some form of dance and must have experience in dancing and performing..
  • must be able to afford lessons and classes
  • must be flexible

i do believe i have these qualities in me but if not i can work on it haha...


oh my i hate this part of chem because i myself am not sure if i know my strengths n weaknesses...haha but i can say i loove chem n i am able to understand wat my teacher teaches me. however now the chapter we r doing on moles OH MY GOD i cant get it into my head haha i dunno all those out there who know this topic well help me out ok!!!!!!!!!!!

anyways other then that horrendous topic i am very strong in my theory topics like metals, atoms all the ionic bond covalent bond ah that one all i know and i am good at it but wait when it comes to my practical.....gone i am very bad at practical

i dunno why but i got no confidence whenever i do my prac..i always have to check with my frens watever i am doing so pls help me out in how to conquer this IRRITATING HABIT..HAHA n i am so afraid i break smt!!!!!!

so ya la my strengths is that i am able to understand the topics well enough but i find it hard to apply wat i have learnt be it in ques or tests ans i am still fearful of practicals...

Sunday, March 8, 2009


CHEMISTRY IS GETTING TOO STRESSFUL!!!!!!!!!! oh my the amount of homework is pilling up too quickly...but still we still have to manage because we are competing with other jc's as well... so the lab notes on tritration was good because it helped me refresh my memory on how to perform the tritration experiment....THE SHORT QUIZ WAS ALSO HELPFUL BECAUSE WE GOT TO MARK our frens work and through my frens work i was able to learn more from her answers because she wrote more then me and also we learnt from each others thats all for tritration and last week OH i am so happy with my balancing equation test for i did well and i want to continue doing so in the other upcoming tests!!!!! i hope the week ahead will be smoother and less stresful...